Pallet Purchase Terms and Conditions

AS IS SALES: Buyers understand that all pallets are being sold on an “AS-IS” basis and we make no warranties on purchased pallets to include: the usefulness, number of items on pallets, and/or quality of products sold.

PARTIAL PALLETS: No partial pallets will be sold. As a buyer, you understand that you purchase the ENTIRE pallet as it sits.

RETURNS: Buyers understand there are no returns permitted on pallets purchased. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

BEFORE PURCHASE: Buyers are not permitted to open, remove shrink-wrap, or test products sitting on pallets before full purchase is made.

PAYMENTS: Buyers understand we accept Cash and/or Credit Card payments for pallet purchases. Personal checks are not accepted. Further, buyer understands that chosen pallets must be paid IN-FULL at time of purchase.

LAYWAYS/HOLDS: Buyer understands that Peddler’s Pallet Sales – PPS, does not accept any partial pallet payments, hold pallet payments, or “layaway” payments, nor do we have a layaway program.

PAYMENT DISPUTES: Payment disputes will be limited to the State of Ohio court system.

REMOVAL: Buyers understand once pallet(s) are purchased, they must be removed from the facility. In cases where pallets have been purchased for resale in a vendor mall space or flea market, buyer is permitted to move the merchandise to their rented space after payment is received. If the pallet is not removed within the agreed timeframe, buyer understands they have officially forfeited their pallet rights – in which the pallet will be resold. Buyers who forfeit pallets will not receive a refund, whole or in part, on pallets purchased.

PALLET MATERIALS: Buyers understand all pallet packaging materials, including shrink-wrap and wooden pallets, must be disposed of by the purchaser. They are not permitted to use our dumpsters to dispose of these products.

OPENING OR SORTING PALLETS: Buyers are not permitted to open or take single items off pallet(s) after purchased (This includes partially unloading a pallet and later “returning” for rest of merchandise.) In other words, once the seal of a pallet has been broken, the buyer is responsible for taking all product(s) on the pallet from the facility. Any product(s) left behind after the pallet seal has been broken, may immediately become the property of Peddler’s Junction.

SALES TAX: As required by Ohio law, buyers understand that state sales tax will be applied to the total sales value of purchased pallets (unless the buyer has a tax-exempt document on file).

COPYWRITE/BRAND:  Buyers understand they must remove all existing price tags from pallet items purchased that name specific retail establishments where merchandise comes from.  Further, Buyers understand they can, at no time, advertise products as a specific “retail brand”.

RELEASE:  Buyers release, indemnifies and holds harmless Peddler’s Pallet Sales (PPS), Peddler’s Outlet, Peddler’s Junction and its affiliated companies, its directors, officers, employees, or stockholders against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements or judgement concerning purchased products, to include: copywrite/brand/advertising disputes, negligence, breach of duty, product warranty, product safety handling on site, loss, or product security after payment.